TronCity is an investment site that works on ROI capability. We would not be liable for any financial loss.

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Maximum Investment Amount: No limit until the total invested amount passed 5,000,000 TRX

In the TronCity, each person can Invest up to 5% of the total invested amount of the TronCity contract.
This limitation will be activated when the total invested amount passed 5,000,000 TRX.


50 Days

4.00% Daily Interest

Minimum Invest : 5 TRX

Total profit 200%


28 Days

5.00% Daily Interest

Minimum Invest: 5 TRX

Total profit 140%


20 Days

6.00% Daily Interest

Minimum Invest: 5 TRX

Total profit 120%

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What is TronCity?

TronCity is a decentralized ROI website based on a smart contract on the Tron Blockchain network. In the first stage, TronCity is an investment site that provides ROI capability is provided to investors however we dont take any responsibility for loss of funds. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Is TronCity Safe?

The smart contract of the TronCity has been verified by numerous auditing services available on telegram. You are welcome to read through the code on TronScan and remember that no one can change anything on it once deployed.

How is my original investment amount guaranteed?

A noteworthy point for users who have not been able to receive the original amount of their investment in the initial smart contract is that they can receive their original capital directly from the lottery contract. This withdrawal by users is such that 90% of the highest balance of the second smart contract fund belongs to this group of users.

How can we get benefit from TronCity?

Simply invest in one of the three available plans to start earning on your investments.

Is there any referrals commission for inviters?

Yes, users get referrals commission up to 3 levels deep.

How is the TronCity withdraw?

You can withdraw your investment gains at anytime you like from this website or by directly interacting with the smart contract.